Agronomy Tours run from 9am-12pm each Thursday starting July 22nd through August 19th at a Research and Education Center (REC) near you! Group sizes are limited so be sure to register for the event.

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July 22 at 2711 S. Race St., Urbana, IL 61801 Click Here to Register for Tour 1
Titles and speakers
Multipurpose hemp for Illinois by Dr. DK Lee
Modeling genotype-to-phenotype relationships and what it means to plant breeding by Dr. Alex Lipka
Wheat breeding to improve the profitability of wheat-soybean double cropping in Illinois and beyond by Dr. Jessica Rutkoski
USDA: Soybean germplasm collection by Dr. David Walker
Sources of Tile Nitrate by Lowell Gentry
Occurrence and Effective Management of Apple Diseases in Commercial Orchards and Home Gardens in Illinois by Dr. Mohammad Babadoost

July 29 at the Orr REC, 37803 State Hwy 104, Baylis, IL 62314 Click Here to Register for Tour 2
Titles and speakers
Friends in the field: biological controls in specialty crops by Dr. Kacie Athey
What is “subsoil P supply power”? Updating the Illinois Agronomy Handbook by Dr. Andrew Margenot
Management of soybean and corn seedling diseases by Dr. Santiago Mideros
Economics of Conservation Practices: Results from PCM by Dr. Gary Schnitkey, Sarah Sellars, and Dr. Laura Gentry
Utilization of cover crops for cattle grazing and harvested feedstuffs by Kylie Ewing
Weed Management in Early Planted Soybeans by Kip Jacobs

August 5 at at 3603 S. Race St., Urbana, IL 61801 Click Here to Register for Tour 3
Titles and speakers
The Illinois Autonomous Farm by Dr. Girish Chowdhary
Saturated Buffers 101: Learning the basics of an emerging conservation practice by Dr. Carolina Diaz-Garcia and Janith Chandrasoma
Can I Make More Money with Regenerative Ag? by Dr. Emily Heaton
A Conversation on Nutrient Loss, its Impact, and its Mitigation by Dr. Kyle Smith and Dr. Ann Witmer
Habits of Financially Resilient Farms by Dr. Nick Paulson
Farm Stress and Mental Health by Dr. Josie Rudolphi

August 12 at 321 210th Ave, Monmouth, IL 61462 Click Here to Register for Tour 4
Titles and speakers
Recent advances in forecasting agricultural systems by Dr. Hamze Dokoohaki
New Looks from an Old Herbicide, Again by Dr. Aaron Hager
Plant-parasitic nematode control by Dr. Nathan Schroeder
Corn Rootworm Management and Bt Resistance by Dr. Nick Seiter
Nitrate load reduction in tile drainage by a paired woodchip bioreactor system by Dr. Bryan Maxwell
Economics of Conservation Practices: Results from PCM by Dr. Gary Schnitkey, Sarah Sellars, and Dr. Laura Gentry

August 19 at 4202 S. First St., Champaign, IL 61822 Click Here to Register for Tour 5
Titles and speakers
Understanding cover crop's optimal management, potential of carbon credit, and nutrient loss reduction benefits by Dr. Kaiyu Guan
Status of Bt Resistance in Illinois Corn Rootworm Populations by Dr. Joseph Spencer
Managing weeds in variable weather: insights from data mining by Dr. Marty Williams
A cover crop mixture: agronomics, greenhouse gas emissions, and microbes by Dr. Gevan Behnke
Participatory corn breeding and testing at U of I: Opportunities for getting involved by Dr. Martin Bohn
Organic grain farming research at Illinois by Dr. Carmen Ugarte
Next Steps in the Quest for High Corn and Soybean Yields by Dr. Below
Banded Fertility: Music for High Yields by Scott Foxhoven
Short Corn: Bigger Isn’t Always Better by Eric Winans
The Beauty of Biologicals by Connor Sible
Where’s My Fall Fertility? by Marcos Loman
Air: The New Nitrogen Source by Logan Woodward
Sugar: How Sweet is it? by Derek Lenzen
Is Sulfur Soybean’s Salvation? by Vitor Favoretto

Noon Program
Campus updates on the College of ACES by Dean Kidwell and Department of Crop Sciences by Dr. Davis. Lunch sponsored by the Illinois Soybean Association.

1-2pm Soyleic Field Day
Opportunities created by soybean varieties with high quality oil produced by the Soyleic trait will be discussed by Dr. Brian Diers, Dr. Steven Schnebly, and Mr. Bryan Stobaugh.

We look forward to hosting you this summer at our Agronomy Days and do not forget to register!

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